eLitmus is hiring for Summer Intern

Summer Intern
About eLitmus :

eLitmus is India's premier solution provider in the areas of Engineering Fresher Hiring and Pre-/ Post- hiring Skills and Competency Assessments. With India's most-researched employability test, for the last 8 years, eLitmus has been helping the who's-who of India's technology and engineering corporates on-board the right people - who have had a direct positive impact on their respective employers' productivity and performance. 

With tests delivered in 22 countries, across 5 continents in 3 languages (English, Mandarin and Japanese), we are known amongst our clients for business-focused and bespoke Recruitment and Assessment solutions backed by the most robust and scaleable of processes, systems and logistics and delivery mechanisms around at any time.

Job Description:

Job Description:
1. eLitmus builds entrepreneurs. A three to four year stint with eLitmus and you are set for life. Don’t believe it? Our past track record speaks for itself.

Here is a sample list of eLitmus alumni who had very average resumes at the time of joining but have now made it big:
1. You will be assigned to a team that will be given complete ownership of a project. You will work as an entrepreneur to solve a business problem (some with the help of tech). You will have to use your entrepreneurial spirit, resourcefulness, and initiative to complete it (Supervision will be minimal). On successful completion, you stand a chance to get a pre-placement offer from eLitmus –
2. Full-stack Developer – ₹ 12 Lakhs
3. Business Associate – ₹ 8 Lakhs

Selection Process:
1. The selection process is rigorous and only the very best make it through. The key skills evaluated are
2. Problem-solving
3. Initiative
4. Should have gone out of the way on activities that take months to complete in real life
5. Extensive reading habit (current affairs, non-fiction, economy, etc) OR lots of real-life software / app building experience
6. Holding significant positions of responsibilities